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Dominican Republic- The "D.R." 

$2500 all-inclusive 

Ecopassports is pleased to announce this trip to sunny, warm Dominican Republic; "The D.R." 



Who: Quarantine-weary travelers!

What: all-inclusive 7day/6night trip to sunny, warm Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic!.


Where: Behind the gates of the exclusive Punta Cana Resort and Club: Arrecife Estate Villas 23/24/25.

When: Trips are forming now for and Spring and Winter 2023 travel. 


Why: #CovidRevenge.


Covid-19 STOLE many of your activities this year. There's no better way to celebrate the rest of it than by going on an all-inclusive trip with your friends and classmates!



What's Included:

-6 nights/7 days

-Roundtrip air

-All meals, drinks, snacks


Scape Park: a fun day of ziplining, snorkeling,cenote swims, and more!

"Beach Party" Special event. Party with your fellow travelers on the beach. Pictures, drones, special beach dinner...and a livestream of the fun back to everyone at home!


Ready? Then join Ecopassports on our special "CovidRevenge" trip to the Dominican Republic.  

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