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Costa Rica- The Happiest Place on Earth
$2500 all inclusive 

Ecopassports is pleased to announce this guided trip to magnificent Costa Rica; "the happiest place on earth." 


About Costa Rica:

​Experience a guided study tour from a multidisciplinary standpoint: applied science, social science, ecology, economics, and public policy.  Along the way, we'll taste some of the world's finest coffee and get the opportunity to create your own products such as delectable chocolate during interactions with small-scale farmers and agropreneurs.


​Explore the Costa Rican culture and learn more about agriculture science and environmental issues through visits to the world-renowned Earth University, Manuel Antonio National Park, and the volcano-driven black sand beaches of Jaco.  ​


Ready? Then join Ecopassports on a travel abroad tour fusing the richness of all that Costa Rica has to offer: world-class culture, food, people, and nature.

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