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As a participant on an Ecopassports trip, you are required to agree to the rules set forth below as well as those by your school.


  • Do not consume or possess alcohol


  • Do not use or possess illegal drugs, including prescription medication not prescribed to you


  • Do not use tobacco or tobacco products (including electronic tobacco products)


  • No sex or any act that is of a sexual nature


  • No stealing


  • No tattoos or piercings (in country)


  • No bullying


  • Follow all the directions given to you by your Tour Leader


  • Never leave your group without proper supervision


  • Remain respectful and sensitive to local culture


  • Represent yourself, Ecopassports, and your school in an appropriate manner




Personal Conduct


Ecopassports reserves the right to rescind continuation of any excursion if a student’s discipline is not satisfactory.

All participants in study abroad are expected to exercise reasonable levels of behavior.

Ecopassports reserves the right to dismiss a student and require that s/he leave immediately if in our judgment the student behaves in a manner which endangers him/herself, others on the program or the program’s continued operations. Illegal drug use is grounds for immediate dismissal.

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