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Borders were meant to intrigue & invite us...not to divide us

Welcome "Abroad!" 


EcoPassports provides study abroad opportunities to students every year through summer, winter, and spring break opportunities. One of the first steps in preparing for your study abroad experience is to attend the General Pre- Departure Orientation. Important information regarding study abroad, including some of the realities of being abroad (i.e. health and safety, as well as academic, student conduct, and other study abroad policies) is covered in-depth as preparation for your successful excursion. Attendance at one of the orientations is required for the trip. These orientations give you a chance to meet your fellow students, find out more information about your program, and ask questions of your Academic Travel Advisor. 


Your study abroad experience promises to be life-changing. It is nearly IMPOSSIBLE to travel and return home as the same person. Congratulations on your decision to participate and welcome to the community of global citizens!


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