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Packing Thoughts:

1. Put everything that you need in a pile

2. Take stock

3. Put half of the pile back in the closet!

Clothing to Consider:

  • Rainproof or quick-drying walking shoes/tennis shoes/hiking boots

  • Long pants/cargo pants

  • Shorts/Bathing suit

  • Long and short-sleeve lightweight T-shirts

  • Poncho/rain jacket

  • Leggings

  • Hat

  • Quick dry waterproof pants 


Medicine and Toiletries:

  • Prescription medicine (carry copy of prescriptions)

  • Eyeglasses and sunglasses

  • Extra contact lenses and cleaning solutions

  • Tweezers



  • Passport (depending on your country of origin) and visa(s) and photocopies

  • Student ID card

  • Cash and/or credit cards

  • Copies of the above for reporting lost or stolen originals



  • Day Pack/small compressible knapsack

  • Stuff bags/compressible plastic storage bags (ideally waterproof)

  • Luggage lock and tags

  • Cell phone

>copassports travel abroad packing advice.
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